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Hi, I'm one of the Managers at ClicksInContext and I work across the spectrum: from websites, hosting & CRO to SEO, with specialisms in PPC and Tracking/Analytics.

30 Conversions Per Month to 200+ (+566%) in 10 Months

How we improved online conversions from 30 per month to 200+ per month for this Hire Company When we started on the Turfleet Hire account in 2016, they had a little bit of Organic traffic from branded searches only ("Turfleet Hire") and nothing else web related at all. [...]

Adwords Conversion Uploads Error

Common Adwords Conversion Uploads errors with fixes. "We cannot find an import conversion type with this name in the target account" Reason: in your MASTER ACCOUNT, the name of the conversion action is not matching the CSV upload. The fix: change the name either on your CSV [...]

Add A WordPress User

Dead simple in two steps. Step 1 - Wordpress Menu Add a new user. Step 2 - Enter Details If you leave the password & send a user a notification, they will get to set their own password. If adding us as an agency, which email address [...]

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Add A User On LinkedIn

Prerequisite You must befriend Daniel Boss first. You need to be connected in order to grant admin permissions. Step 1 - Go To Your Company Page You will only see this if you yourself have access rights to your company page! If you do not, forward this [...]

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Add A User To Twitter

How do I add a user to my Twitter account? Here's a step-by-step guide. Prerequisite - you must have already set up an Ad Account for your handle at Just the account, no billing info or anything else. For Twitter ADS: Step 1 - Go To "Twitter [...]

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Optin Monster Introduction – Email Capture

Making sites convert awesome-ly! Introduction Optin Monster has great lead generation tools. It integrates with any website by adding a line of code to the site, and is controlled from an Opt-In Monster control panel. Popovers, lead boxes, exit intent triggers. Triggering; signup forms, surveys, coupon codes. [...]

Olark Live Chat Operator Guidelines

Olark is Installed So you just installed Olark Live Chat. Good move, it's great at engaging visitors. This guide explains step by step how to set up your operator profile, and be ready for any chats your website visitors may start. You Will Need Your Olark login [...]

Add a User to Google MyBusiness

How to add a user to your Google MyBusiness account in 30 seconds: Login to your Google Mybusiness account Open the location that you want to give access to, under 'Manage Locations' 3. Click on 'Users' in the left menu 4. Click on the icon as shown in [...]

Add a User to Adwords

How to add a user to Adwords in 40 seconds: If working with us, add ppcteam[dot]cic[at]gmail[dot]com In the new Adwords (now "Google Ads") view, follow these steps: Click the blue + symbol to add a user, then:

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