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We could bore you to tears with a load of fluff here, like every other agency ever.
Instead, here are the kinds of results we produce. If these kinds of numbers would work for your business, feel free to get in touch.

A word of warning: if your hook is crap, your campaign won't work. This example is one of the perfect web funnel, confronting the target audience's primary pain point, with a perfect hook. From the £16 lead, 10% upsell to an appointment with a Regional Director, and the maths backs out wonderfully for big ticket selling.

Here's another campaign of our own (yes, we eat our own lunch):


Net result of this 1-month campaign: 54 leads, 22 demos, 6 new client starts plus 8 more queued up, we can only start 3 new clients per month.

Not bad for £700 odd, but like we have already covered, if your hook and offer is crap, you will just waste money and your agency/staff will say "but the brand value..." a lot.

It's no secret that LinkedIn ads are expensive.

However, the beauty of LinkedIn is that you can define the perfect audience and adjust targeting settings for each of your campaigns to find the ‘perfect’ customer.

Want to hit CEOs, Founders and Directors of FinTech companies with 50 - 200 employees? Easy.

BUT… without the secret settings and/or a crap hook like the majority, you will just pour money down the drain.

If in doubt, there is one "always decent" angle for most businesses, if you have nothing to go on.

If you want to know if yours is good enough and LinkedIn is viable for you, book in a quick session below.

If the numbers aren’t enough, here is what our clients actually say

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