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You must befriend Daniel Boss first. You need to be connected in order to grant admin permissions.

Step 1 – Go To Your Company Page

You will only see this if you yourself have access rights to your company page! If you do not, forward this article to the owner.

company account

You can do this from your personal profile with your photo from 10 years ago when you were relatively much better looking (ahem).

Step 2 – Set Your Page Admins

page admin linkedin

If you are adding us, add Daniel Boss – **who you will already need to be linked to**
If you are not linked, you will need to make friends – send the invite and we’ll accept it ASAP.

If you already have a LinkedIn Ad Account

Within the ad account, add us as a user from the settings cog in the top right:

Existing ad account

Then you will be prompted:

ass a user

“Direct Content” Permissions

Full admins have “direct content” permissions – this means permission to create an ad.

Ensure we have direct content permissions as per this short LinkedIn article.


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