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If you already have a Bing Ads account, here is how you add an additional user.

From viewing only, to a super admin, you can dictate what the new user can and cannot do.

Step 1 – In Bing Ads

Click the cog on the top right hand side of the page, by your login email address, then select “Accounts & Billing”:

bing menu


Step 2 – In Accounts & Billing

Now you will see a row of tabs – select “users”, then click “Invite user”:

invite users


Step 3 – Inviting A User

Lastly, enter the details of the user to invite.

If working with us, add our email address campaigns.cic [at] gmail [dot] com

Access rights

The minimum access we require is Advertiser Campaign Manager. Super Admin will allow us full control.


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