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Optin Monster has great lead generation tools. It integrates with any website by adding a line of code to the site, and is controlled from an Opt-In Monster control panel.

Popovers, lead boxes, exit intent triggers.
Triggering; signup forms, surveys, coupon codes.


There are many features. Here are the fundamentals.

  1. Exit Intent
    When a user goes to exit the screen, to close tab or window, a message pops up.

exit popup

2. Timed Popover
            On a timer trigger, a popover fills the screen or part of it.

timed popover

3. Link or image ‘flip’
          As soon as a link or image is browsed, a popover triggers.

link popover

4. Welcome Gate
        Upon entry, whole page becomes an offer.

welcome gate

5. Floating Bars
         Bars appear and/or stick to top or bottom of page.

floating bars

6. Polite Scroll Boxes
As user scrolls to a certain point, a box appears bottom right.

polite scroll

7. Inline Forms (blogs)
Get opt-ins from blog posts: lead magnets within articles.

inline forms

8. Sidebar Forms
       Get users signing up from your sidebar with attractive lead boxes.

sidebar forms

All of these methods work.

Some people worry it’s too aggressive, or lacks class… done properly at the right trigger points, we fundamentally disagree… the numbers speak for themselves, across all industries.

Remember, you are offering visitors something they will find useful.

If you have any questions contact your account manager who will be glad to help.
Any comments or anything we missed? Comment below.

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