Writing Headlines: 33 Proven Headline Formulas

Sir John Caples OK, he never made a "Sir", but he should have done. John Caples was an advertising guru, who specialised in writing headlines. He wrote the classic book Tested Advertising Methods. We highly recommend it. Caples argued that most of your time should be spent on your [...]

Personalise Your Site Easily With Google Optimise

Google Optimise has always been a great, free way to improve conversion using A-B or multivariate testing. And they recently added a seriously strong string to their bow. via GIPHY What Is Personalisation? An easy example is: if I am a return visitor, you change the text [...]

5 Ingredients Of A Landing Page That Works

Sources: Google's Landing Page Optimisation Playbook, CXL, "Conversion Experts" - people who know what they are doing. There is no "apply this template and it will work" in conversion rate optimisation (CRO), you need data to make informed decisions, to know your audience deeply, and most of [...]

OK, You Really Need SSL Now – Read This

Seriously, you really need SSL now! Read on... We Already Know... ...that Google love an SSL certificate. Rightly so, that green padlock protects users from data theft. It has been an SEO signal since 2014, and a very strong one since February this year. Hence if you [...]

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