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Personalise Your Site Easily With Google Optimise

Google Optimise has always been a great, free way to improve conversion using A-B or multivariate testing.

And they recently added a seriously strong string to their bow.


What Is Personalisation?

An easy example is: if I am a return visitor, you change the text on the page to “Welcome Back”

So What Are My Options?

The simple options are:

  • Google Ads Account/Campaign/Ad Group/Keyword

Example: if I arrive from a search about “Digital Marketing”, the title I see is “Digital Marketing”. If, instead, I arrive from the search “Online Marketing”, the title I see is “Online Marketing”.

keyword change title

  • Referrer

Example: you have a partner deal with and show “exclusive deal for members”.

exclusive offers by referrer

  • Time Since First Arrival

Example: they have been on the site for 10 minutes, so initiate your live chat box and offer to answer any questions.

  • Geo (Town, Region, Metro or Country)

Example: “Meet other singles in Bognor Regis”, change your default local store on your map embed, “we cover London”.

geo example change

  • Technology (Browser, OS, Device)

Example: iPhone only “download our app from the app store”, using the Chrome browser “install our Chrome extension”.

download app store

And the advanced options

Skip over this if you are new to personalization! It will break your head.

  • Javascript Variable or Custom Javascript

Example: pricing variables and rules – if price = over £100, show a banner “free delivery on orders over £100”.

  • First Party Cookie

Example: cookies you have created for your own site e.g. knowing past behavior like a login, and changing text when they return to “Hello, Frank” (Frank extracted from the cookie).

  • Query Parameter

Example: in an ad targeted at Star Trek lovers, I add ?ad=star-trek to the click URL. When Optimize sees that in the URL, the main page image gets changed to Dr Spock (can also be used with Google’s own utm_ parameters)

  • Data Layer Variable

Example: you can add data layers to anything, e.g. blog posts where the data layer runs a word count of the post – if >2000 words, enable a popup saying “prefer to watch the video? click here…”

Sounds Great, But Complicated…

If you’re new to personalisation, ignore the advanced options.

Try simply switching your telephone number to a US number for US visitors, or offering your iOS app as an option to iOS visitors only – something simple.

Or just give us a shout, we’ll do it for you.

What Are The Results?

Quite simply, it improves your conversion rate.

According to Econsultancy, 93% of companies see an uplift in conversion rates from personalization.

Do it.

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