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Reverse-IP Business Lookups – Basics

If you’re not doing this in B2B, get on it!

50% of you reading this will think “omg, this is basic stuff”.

50% don’t know about it – and unless you’re in Digital day-in, day-out, why would you?

To the latter 50%, we tell you now: you are leaving sales on the table if you are not using reverse-IP lookups.


Here’s how a reverse-IP lookup works:

  • User visits your site
  • If from a company office/address, that is publicly available info
  • The IP address of the visit is mapped back TO A BUSINESS NAME

So you know, for example, that Procter and Gamble visited your site.

This is gold, if you know what you’re doing…

Here’s an example of what it looks like:

B2B Visitors

What to do with the info

You will get a business name, and the pages they visited – i.e. what they were interested in.

If you work with us, you will get much more – exactly what they did on the page (just one example: watched this video, this % of the way through).

From that info, you can start determine who in that business it might have been.

Facilities Manager? Marketing Director? Etc…

Then, using licensed LinkedIn tools, you can get some very useful data.

Once you have a good idea…

Some visitors with an immediate need will convert immediately.

That is a relatively small percentage, 1-10% maximum – usually more like 1%.

a) the other 99% can be re-targeted with ads, continuously for as long as your sales cycle is – so when the need arises, you are there in-their-face

b) direct mail still works! If it’s done right…

c) “soft” calling – not creepy dive-to-sale calling, but nurture calling.

It works

For every 1 online conversion, we expect at least 2 conversions from the 99%.

If they are pursued correctly.

Desperate is usually bad. Just being in their face when they decide they do need you works.

Try it for free

What’s more, we will give you a free 3-month trial.

Get the businesses, see exactly who is coming to your site.

Absolutely free for 3 months. No contracts, no website review

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