Remarketing Fundamentals Image

Remarketing Fundamentals [Infographic]

The Dos and Donts of Remarketing Setups

The simple but very important fundamentals of setting up your remarketing.

Remarketing Fundamentals Image

*note that some businesses do remarket to bounce visits, and it can work (albeit at a much lower ROI) – our advice is to segment it out as a different audience so you can see the variance in ROI and make decisions accordingly.

Other advice for your remarketing campaigns

  • Be careful in the ad accounts, and make sure all EXPANSION options are OFF – they’re a bugger for catching you out with innocuous settings whereby you won’t just be targeting previous website visitors but other people who they deem (under tenuous links) appropriate. Get it off.
  • Try video remarketing. Cast a quality, compelling video out there on any channel, and remarket to anyone who watches 50%+ of that video. It’s easy to do on most channels now.
  • Mix up your content. Sure, go back to your product/website – but also try more videos, testimonials, eBooks – whatever you have. See what performs the best.
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