Facebook Targeting Options

A guide through the minefield of Facebook targeting options With so many targeting options on Facebook, how do you choose what to set up! There are tonnes of ad type options now too, something we'll come on to very soon. This article is just about targeting and audiences. [...]

Google Ads Audiences Explained – A Complete Guide

What are Google Adwords Audiences? Google Adwords audiences are a relatively fresh marketing concept. Pay per click advertising used to be about websites. Which website you will appear on, decided by keyword matching for that website. That is so noughties. It's still worth doing, but today's [...]

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Banner Ads We Love: A Continuous Collection

Adverts We Love This is an on-going chain of adverts we have seen on the internet that we love, for any variety of reasons. Cool ads, stop-you-in-your-tracks ads, beautiful simplicity, great hooks - whatever the why, here they are (newest first): Google Adwords: Simple benefit Simple hook Of [...]

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