Create and Add Us To Your Facebook Ads Account

#1 Add Your Own Ad Account Prerequisite: you must be using Business Manager.   #2 Add Us As A Partner 1843809209193585

LinkedIn Ads Character Limits

LinkedIn Ad Copy & Character Limits This is what a LinkedIn desktop ad looks like: And this is a mobile version: And your call-to-action options are:   An example with character limits For Native Lead Forms Here is the main form content – pre-optin: And you also […]

Add A User In Mailchimp

Follow Mailchimp’s own guide here. And add our user “CICAdminTeam”, email address: admin [at]  

Add A User On Godaddy

How to add delegate access on Godaddy In four simple steps (images):

SEO Expectations

What To Expect From Your SEO Efforts SEO is not magic, it is a process that requires a range of skills and human time on a regular basis. It broadly splits into five parts: Keyword Research (including viability) Technical SEO On-Site SEO Off-Site SEO (backlinks) – basic […]

Help, My PPC Isn’t Working – Common Problems

PPC Campaigns Not Working? You’re in the right place, read on… Skip to: What to expect from your PPC What PPC Should Do Relevant clicks, but no conversions are you tracking everything? okay, you have a conversion problem Marketing-conversion funnel plan AB Testing & Website Improvement plan […]

Facebook Permissions – A Guide

How to get client Facebook Permissions It’s easy when you know how! This article will cover everything required to advertise on behalf of a client on Facebook: Client Page Access Client Ad Account Client Pixel We need to know from the outset which of the above they […]

What To Expect From A Website Build

A Fixed-Cost Website Build …is dangerous! Unless you communicate the expectation. For our fixed-cost website clients, this article outlines what to expect (and what not to expect!) from a fixed-cost website build. What You Can Expect We build extremely good websites. You will have Design and Development […]

Adwords Conversion Uploads Error

Common Adwords Conversion Uploads errors with fixes. “We cannot find an import conversion type with this name in the target account” Reason: in your MASTER ACCOUNT, the name of the conversion action is not matching the CSV upload. The fix: change the name either on your CSV […]

Add A WordPress User

Dead simple in two steps. Step 1 – WordPress Menu Add a new user. Step 2 – Enter Details If you leave the password & send a user a notification, they will get to set their own password. If adding us as an agency, which email address […]