Add A User To Google Ads

  Note that to add our agency as a Manager, i.e. when we are instructed as your agency, you need to add our Manager ID on the “Manager” tab seen in this video

Create and Add Us To Your Facebook Ads Account

#1 Add Your Own Ad Account Prerequisite: you must be using Business Manager.   #2 Add Us As A Partner 1843809209193585

LinkedIn Ads Character Limits

LinkedIn Ad Copy & Character Limits This is what a LinkedIn desktop ad looks like: And this is a mobile version: And your call-to-action options are:   An example with character limits For Native Lead Forms Here is the main form content – pre-optin: And you also need confirmation (thank you) text for post-optin:  

Add A User In Mailchimp

Follow Mailchimp’s own guide¬†here. And add our user “CICAdminTeam”, email address: admin [at]  

Add A User On Godaddy

How to add delegate access on Godaddy In four simple steps (images):

SEO Expectations

What To Expect From Your SEO Efforts SEO is not magic, it is a process that requires a range of skills and human time on a regular basis. It broadly splits into five parts: Keyword Research (including viability) Technical SEO On-Site SEO Off-Site SEO (backlinks) – basic and advanced Content & Topics And of course, Read More

Help, My PPC Isn’t Working – Common Problems

PPC Campaigns Not Working? You’re in the right place, read on… Skip to: What to expect from your PPC What PPC Should Do Relevant clicks, but no conversions are you tracking everything? okay, you have a conversion problem Marketing-conversion funnel plan AB Testing & Website Improvement plan One thing even AB Testing cannot solve Premium Read More

Facebook Permissions – A Guide

How to get client Facebook Permissions It’s easy when you know how! This article will cover everything required to advertise on behalf of a client on Facebook: Client Page Access Client Ad Account Client Pixel We need to know from the outset which of the above they already have and don’t have. 1. Is there Read More

What To Expect From A Website Build

A Fixed-Cost Website Build …is dangerous! Unless you communicate the expectation. For our fixed-cost website clients, this article outlines what to expect (and what not to expect!) from a fixed-cost website build. What You Can Expect We build extremely good websites. You will have Design and Development experts working on your site It will look Read More

Adwords Conversion Uploads Error

Common Adwords Conversion Uploads errors with fixes. “We cannot find an import conversion type with this name in the target account” Reason: in your MASTER ACCOUNT, the name of the conversion action is not matching the CSV upload. The fix: change the name either on your CSV file or in conversion actions like so: “We Read More

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