Getting a legal broker from 0 to 100+ leads in the first month
(Multiple Campaigns)


By Michael Esposito

14th January 2022

In The Beginning...

A legal broker with little to no digital marketing experience came to us looking to skyrocket their business and legal practice. With a tight deadline and a lot to do we go to work and began creating their landing pages/website as the main priority. Later on, we also worked our magic and alongside our foolproof and no BS PPC strategy we did exactly what we love to do and succeed. Were not just talking small success but #1 on the Billboard (Google + FB) Charts type of success.

The Results

As far as results go we started the process from scratch from making the website to our keyword and audience research. This particular legal broker had two separate campaigns that they wanted to test. For the purpose of differentiating them, we will call one campaign A and the other campaign B.

Campaign A

For campaign A, we planned on investing our time in both Google and FB, but even after the first week, it was clear to see that the FB ads were more successful for this particular venture.

Here are the results from our first month running FB ads...

Not bad right? 109 conversions at a CPA of under £20. Now there are some magical results! 'Platinum Agencies' would charge a fortune for these kinds of results (most of the time they don't even get close).  We focus on delivering the best possible results.

This is what the results looked like last month (December 2021) ...

With close enough to double the number of conversions and more people reached we managed to generate over 170 leads at a CPA of just under £25

Campaign B

Moving onto the second campaign (or campaign B), through research and testing we found success in both the FB Ads + Google Ads.

From the screenshots below you can see the kind of results that we got our client in just one month on Google

That's 902 conversions (website form fills) in just one month, all at a CPA of just £8.42.

How did we achieve these numbers?

It was all pretty simple stuff when you really get down to it! Luckily with this client,  we were able to create the website from scratch, nothing crazy, just a simple yet effective AND most importantly optimised website. One that was essentially optimised to get leads, and as you can see from the results above it did exactly that! 

When it comes to achieving amazing results through our Facebook Strategy it's all about getting the right audiences and hitting them with everything you got! Make sure that you keep creatives (ads) relevant and simple, BUT did you know that the very best audiences aren't necessarily in your ads manager?

We have a smart integration with Facebook and 3rd party partners, which gives us access to premium audiences that are incredibly detailed! Not to mention that because the client was hitting 75+ conversions monthly we were able to implement our lookalike audience strategy which boosted the campaign performance thereafter. 

Moreover, focusing on the work we did on Google Ads. It was clear that this wasn't going to be a simple job (simpler than FB ads) after carefully looking at multiple keywords we decided which ones we wanted to win and made sure that we implemented them in our keyword strategy and our website so that we would be appearing top in most searches. In fact, in campaign B we actually had over 92% impression share, talk about domination! 
Also working through our PPC 101 strategy allowed us to carefully adapt the keywords to make sure they hit all high intent searches to give us the best results! 


On the whole, making sure that you have a strategy in place before fully implementing it and running it will be key to your success on both FB & Google, that's a given! But, doing all the correct research in regards to the right audience and keyword will ensure that you will at least have a chance at competing in the market, especially a highly competitive one! 

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