Tracking Calls Back to Clicks is Possible

So what?

Attributing phone calls back to a specific click is powerful.

That click has a source (Google), a medium (CPC, i.e. Adwords), a keyword, an advert etc…

That click also has a cost, in money and time.

So with dynamic call tracking, you can map calls back to costs with extreme precision.

1. Call Connects

When a call connects from your website’s phone number, the software attributes to a specific click, and updates Analytics.

2. Attribution

Said click has a source, a medium, a keyword, an advert, a target audience etc… You now have cost-per-call at granular level.

3. Cost per call

At source level, at campaign level, at keyword level, ad copy level – you can now optimize on cost-per-call data.

4. More Details

Optional call recording, rating and valuing calls. Yes, it is possible to attribute an exact value of the call back to your analytics!


Sounds hi-tech and expensive, the kind of thing only big companies could do.

Wrong. It requires 1 excellent coder + 1 certified Analytics guru with experience. We have them, use them.

1 Static Vanity Number

  • Comes with 500 free caller minutes

Dynamic Call Tracking

  • Plus £0.15 per call

Any Questions?

If you have any questions at all, please contact us. Your message will get through to a resident specialist.


For more info & examples, check this short presentation: