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Advanced Backlinking Options

You are now ready for advanced backlinking efforts. This document breaks down options in to easy / medium / hard.

Content Required

Interesting content is required, and sometimes bespoke content to fit the specific needs a 3rd party website or journalist may have. From guest blog articles, to extremely thorough answers to questions, to case studies, infographics… whatever necessary. We have designers who can help as necessary.


  1. Charity Backlinks
    Justgiving.com is the best place to start. If your company does charitable work, post donations as the business, and be sure to have a link back to your website.
    Once Justgiving.com is started, we can provide a list of UK Charity sites with high domain authority.
  2. Comments / answering
    Questions on your topic are constantly being asked online.
    Free tools capture about 25% of new comments on your topic. We set up alerts, so you know exactly where to go instantly, to give a full answer w/backlink to your site. Paid software is about £150 per month and captures 70%+ of comments.
    We provide the alerts, you provide the answers.


  1. Broken Link Building
    We scour the internet for broken links i.e. other websites have a 404 error on their links. Whatever the broken backlink was about, you provide the content and become the new, working link. Requires outreach + software.
    We find the links and do the outreach, you provide the required content.
  1. Reporter Requests
    We are hooked in to several databases of journalists requesting content. Anything around your topic, we make you aware of – you produce content for the journalist (including backlinks to your site!).
    We provide the relevant requests, you provide the content.
  1. Blogger Outreach
    Reaching out to smaller sites usually works. We reach out to industry / niche bloggers & news sites and arrange a backlink. Various deals are arranged, some for free where they just want the content, others incur a small fee.
    We provide the opportunities, you provide the content.
  2. Resource Pages
    Contribute to .edu resource pages, and other article submission sites like e-How based on your topic.
  1. Reviews and testimonials
    Google MyBusiness, Facebook, and other 3rd party listings must start filling up with reviews and commentary on your business. This usually involves asking clients directly.


  1. Journalist / Editor Outreach
    Usually aiming for 1-2 extremely rich links per 5-6 months, this is a time consuming (and expensive) premium service. Our lady Vanessa, who has connections to the National Publishing world & experience in Premium Outreach can work to any budget £300-500 to provide this service.
    We get the relationships and find out what the Editors want, you provide the content.
  2. Influencer Relationships
    Every topic has its influencer with tens-hundreds of thousands of followers. Establishing relationships with them is similar to Editor Outreach.