“I Already Have Analytics Set Up”

…but do you really?

Having Google Analytics‘ line of code on your site is one thing.

It will show you metrics: x visitors, x page views, mobile vs desktop etc…

BIG QUESTION: so what?

Until you have custom event tracking implemented for your micro and macro goals down the whole conversion funnel, you have a suboptimal analytics setup.

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Main goals: a purchase, a call, an email request. Secondary goals: PDF Catalogue download, newsletter signup, a social share. Goals + Metrics = useful.

Custom Alerts

Your site is down. This page take ages to load. This page has errors. Conversions are down this week. 10 people hit 404 errors today. Know these things, immediately.

Custom Reports

Custom dashboards and reports, telling you important things at a glance. Custom segments to compare behaviours of different ‘types’ of visitors.


By default, Analytics attributes all conversions to “last click”. If the “last click” came from Facebook, it ALL gets attributed to Facebook. Plain wrong.


Everyone needs professionally set up Analytics. Without it, you are blind. Or worse, totally misled.
Get factual.

Installation Only

£299fixed fee
  • *e-commerce costs extra

Installation + Monthly Report

  • *e-commerce costs extra

Installation + Monthly Deep Dive

  • *e-commerce costs extra

Want to see an example report?

Sure, just ask. We show people all the time.


For more info & examples, check this short presentation: