Our Performance Guarantee 2022

Yes, we'll perform better than your previous setup or we work for free. We don't want your money unless we provide genuine value. We don't take on clients where we aren't *sure* we'll do a better job, and we determine this at the point of pre-auditing your setup.


Pay Per Click

Of course to determine "performed better", you will need to have had some **accurate** tracking and measurement in place historically, so we can deal in facts. We can't go on what it "feels" like for our guarantee.

Before we begin any work we will inspect your tracking setup and its accuracy. If it is accurate, great, we'll go ahead and beat your current performance.


Search Engine Optimisation

We will get you RANKING better than you were, per SEM Rush Ranking Reports, for agreed search terms (10-15 terms), within 90 days. Not *ALL* of them, we don't own Google and there are lots of factors, but at least *some* of the chosen search terms will be ranking better within 90 days or we will refund your fee.

How does this work with payments?

Pay our fees as you normally would, and if we haven't improved performance, defined as "lower cost-per-lead", in the first 90 days of ad spending (not including setup work time), we will refund every penny you paid.

And, optionally, continue to work for free, for another 90 days, until we do beat your previous performance.


Who gets this guarantee?

We reserve the right to *not* give you this guarantee where we are not 100% convinced we can achieve it. Common reasons are; quality of your website, the lack of prior measurement, lack of prior accuracy, not complying with required website changes e.g. to rank better (SEO) - Headings and copy often need to be altered in order to rank better, a common scenario is client developers take too long, or owners get fussy over exact copy matching brand voice etc... <<< delays here of 3+ days void our guarantee as it prevents us doing our job, required to improve SEO performance. With PPC, we'll tell you ahead of time if we don't think your website is good enough and therefore can't guarantee performance.

Facebook specifically have a habit of removing great audiences from time to time, in this scenario which is outside of our control, we cannot guarantee better Facebook performance than you previously had.

Our quotations will specifically state "Guarantee Applied" by default, it will be there unless we have removed it for any of the above reasons. For our guarantee to be active, your quotation must say "Guarantee Applied".

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