Solicitor: from no hope to 30 leads per day at £8/lead

Daniel Boss

1st June 2021

Solicitor Results

We took this Solicitor from not even having a website - at least not one you'd be seen in public with, we took it offline immediately to save embarrassment - to swimming in leads, daily. In about 3 weeks.

First Things First

Being really polite about it, the website was like something from the 1990s. They knew this, but had thrown some money at it before and of course failed. There was no way we were going to allow a penny ad spend to direct at that website, do first things first we got up a simple 5-pager for a few hundred quid - we've got all the smart templates, no need to over-engineer it, it took a week to get up on their domain.

Also important for solicitors is the QUALITY of lead, they do *not* want to be inundated with trashy leads whereby the user just filled in one or two fields. They want already-qualified leads, so we included long, conditional forms the customers had to be serious about completing.

Then The Google & Facebook Ads

Previous Google Ads efforts had yielded next-to-nothing, and it wasn't all down to the 90s website. The setup had lots of accidental broad matches, no negatives at all and we all know when you let Google at broad match, things like 'local solicitor in Reading' matches to "pink socks" ... give Google an inch and they really take a mile.

All the other classic settings traps had also been fallen into - and fairly enough, if you don't work in Google Ads all the time experimenting with all their little "Google-profit" changes they sneak in seemingly monthly, why would you know.

On Facebook, again with the best of intentions the setup was just too basic.

It all got deleted and we had to go from scratch on this one.

Important Bits

Rather than give you a lesson in digital marketing, we'll just highlight the most important structural pieces we covered, leading to 30 leads/day at just under £8 per lead for this client... having never achieved anything online ever before, they were blown away within 3 weeks.

Google Ads:

  • Extremely high-intent search only
  • Exclusion of "what is...", "the difference between", "login", "jobs" and all the rubbish that floods in with every campaign UNLESS you proactively nip it in the bud (before you even start)
  • RLSA set up *correctly*
  • Anti-fraud software
  • Robotic scripts hooked up for hourly monitoring; for poor performing terms, required bid modifiers, dodgy placements and much more
  • Conversion tracking - every conversion point from form fills to phone calls

Facebook Ads:

  • Remarketing audiences: 1 day, 3 day, 7 day, 14 day, 30 day, 90 day
  • Pixel and events set up *correctly*
  • Lookalikes
  • Facebook API hunt for relevant audiences (we found 4-5 pearlers)
  • External data sources: found 3 more @ 10% of ad spend extra cost
  • CREATIVES: tested over 30 in order to find winning combos
  • We did *NOT* touch Lead Gen ads, because quality is an important factor for Solicitors

The Results


£7.09 per form + a tonne of phonecall and live chat leads. 

£8.28 per highly, highly qualified lead - the difference with Google Search leads is that they are proactively hunting for what you do. It converts to case 

Now we care about the END RESULT, so we also lend a keen ear to open case rates, which were over 35% on this campaign.

We care about quality.


You only need a few magic ingredients to go from nothing to something very lucrative online. A good site, professional measurement, marketing know-how and *CARING* about the very end result.

Get those right and bar a fundamental flaw in your proposition, you'll make hay.


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