Our Late Payment Policy

We understand the odd issue comes up, an admin error happens here and there and so on.

Our late payment credit policy only applies to the minority of repeat offenders, those consistently paying bills late. It doesn't happen often, but when it does we don't sit back and get pushed around financially by anyone. This page is just for those repeatedly offending, nobody else.

Credit Line Removal - Three Strikes And Out (within any 12 month period)

"Late" definition = 10+ days overdue, unless a valid query was raised within 7 days of issue.
After 30 days of receipt, any disputes raised will not be taken seriously per our terms - it is a standard trick from the 'how to mess around with your creditors playbook' used *every single time* a credit line breaks down - we don't suffer it.)

  • First late payment = friendly reminder to pay on time
  • Second late payment = warning by email from our team
    ...That after 3 strikes, your credit line will be removed
  • Third late payment = credit line removed
    We can still work with you, but on a prepayment basis from now on.
    Your service will resume upon receipt of payment.

Very Late Payments & Debt Collection

We don't get directly involved in this, it is not personal, just a process to protect the people who work at ClicksInContext.
We simply hand over very late invoices to a professional agency who will liaise directly with you about your very overdue invoice.

21 days overdue = you will have had 3 automated email chases by this point. We will call you to discover the reason for such late payment.

30 days overdue = your invoice goes into an automated list to get pursued upon approval
You will receive a phone call around this time to discuss it. If we cannot reach you by phone, we will email you on your last known email address.

31-40 days overdue = our debt recovery agency will be approved to do whatever they need to do.
You will receive an email or phone call from them, we don't get involved with how they handle it but they will be an approved, regulated company. All reasonable fees for recovering the debt will be charged, including interest and statutory late fees.

If it gets to this stage, no hard feelings - it's just that we also have overheads to pay including people with families so we can't let it slide - by not paying us, you're not paying them.

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