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Adwords Certified

Decades of Experience

The detail in our Adwords setups are excruciating.
We are perfectionists.

Combine that with monitoring & tracking results (even calls) back to keyword level, the result:
Extremely efficient & effective Search PPC.


1. Is not certified

Being certified means being up to date with latest features, which change all the time. Also look out for Google Partner status.

2. Can’t tell you cost-per-…

Cost per anything. Cost per video view, contact us page view, form fill, purchase, social share. At a KEYWORD LEVEL.

3. Doesn’t track calls

…where phone calls are an important driver of profit to you. Not having tracking in place is plain lazy (or lack of knowledge).

4. Doesn’t Recommend

Search improvement is perpetual, it evolves. Your Search PPC guru/agency should be making recommendations regularly.

What about Bing?

It’s a good question, Bing converts well. Here are market shares of Search Engines:

Google Global Market Share
Bing Global Market Share
“Other” Global Market Share

With 5% Global Market Share…

Bing is a small traffic source.

  • Do we run Bing PPC? Yes, absolutely

  • Does it work? Yes, conversion is great.

  • Should you be doing it? Yes.

Especially in the US, where their market share is much greater.

And we run other Search Engines as applicable by geography too.


Ask us for a free review of your existing setup: you simply add us as a guest, at worst you get some free tips.
Or we’ll give you 14 days of free Search ads.

We do it all the time, the proof is in our pudding.

Free Review

  • A look at your existing setup, get some free tips.
  • If sensitive, we can look using a generic login

14 Days of Free Ads

  • No catches, no terms. No cost.
  • We let the conversions do the talking.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions at all, please contact us. Your message will get through to a resident specialist.