Re-Targeting is Powerful

You paid for that visitor in time and/or money.
97%+ will not convert on first visit.

So you need to remind them of you.
In the most relevant, high impact way possible.

That requires skill.

70% More Likely To Convert

(Source: Abobe's cmo.com)

10x More Likely To Click

Summary: Re-targeted users are your most effective spend.


turn me around

Right Message

Boring image ads are no way to get a customer back to your site! Compelling copy is a must for re-marketing.

Relevant to Behaviour

Catch all ‘visitors’ is not intelligent enough. Target by visitor BEHAVIOUR: category and engagement levels.

Right Time

For impulse buys, you need to recapture their attention NOW. TODAY. Less so for longer term conversion funnels.

Can’t Refuse

After x days, you’ve lost this customer. What is an offer that is profitable for you, and they can’t refuse?

Re-Targeting Works Together With Normal Campaigns

The messaging must remain consistent.
Setting this up correctly is excruciatingly meticulous.

It requires skill and experience.

And do you have an email database?

Existing customers, prospects, or other licensed data?

We can show SEARCH, BANNER and VIDEO ads just to those users.
When they are logged in to internet services, ad servers know and they can be targeted.

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