Standard Shared Hosting Will Not Do!

Professional hosting & a CDN is mandatory.

If you are investing time or money in to your website, you must have professional hosting.

Speed matters: see this infographic for details.
Source: our friends at Kissmetrics, full article here.

depiction of shared space

1. Speed

Standard shared hosting is slow. Your customers have a need. A need for speed. Fulfil that need.

2. SSL (https)

SSL (https) is a secure connection from customer to you. If you don’t have it, Google are now punishing you.

3. Private

On shared hosting, you are sharing bandwidth with a huge number of sites, so at the mercy of those you share with.

One-Off Speed Fix

£99fixed cost
  • We can speed up your site, on your existing host, as a one-off solution

Test your site speed in depth now:


(takes you to webpagetest.org, a great speed checking tool)

site speed test


We offer 3 packages on our fully managed private server, reserved for clients only. We only provide hosting for clients of our other services.

Private Managed Hosting

  • With SSL & Backups

With Quarterly Speed Improvement

  • SSL, backups and proactive speed work

With Monthly Speed Improvement

  • SSL, backups and proactive speed work

Any Questions?

If you have any questions at all, please contact us. Your message will get through to a resident specialist.


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