Are Your Google Ads Pouring Cash Away?

Get an instant report right now and save 30-50% on wasted spend


*average waste on accounts we audit is 30%, and up to 70%

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Get an instant performance score

For your entire account.

Our robots scan search, display and video campaigns for all the little details - and output a performance score within 30 seconds.

Practical Detail

Google's own "optimisation score" is all about making Google more money; adding keywords, suggested keywords, add stuff!

This report immediately gives you PRACTICAL detail you can action and improve performance right away.

Including common 'traps'

There are so many waste traps in Google Ads. 80% of accounts we audit have a significant red flag that is causing them to pour cash away for ZERO return.

What exactly is in my report?

Conversion Analysis

80% of accounts we audit have either no or incorrectly implemented tracking, we'll tell you.

Wasted Spend Estimate

Based on your spend run-rate and what our robots find, how much exactly are you wasting on bad spend per year?

Competitive Analysis

Are you crushing your competitors or not? With % scores, find out how much untapped potential there is here.

Common Traps

There are so many traps that suck money for no return; location targeting, match types, placements, and much more - are you a victim?

Fraud Protection

Do you have click-fraud protection measures in place (mandatory)? We will also scan for dodgy looking placements on Display.

Pro Practices

If you have a pro managing your account, it is easy to spot - some advanced techniques will be at play. Are they? Find out.

Big Boo-boos

Some things are mandatory. If they are not happening, you know you're not in good hands. This report will tell you.


Is your account being actively managed, either by bots or humans, enough? It is possible to tell with a change, experiment and bid strategies analysis.

Google Display

If you're running Display, even just for remarketing, you are probably wasting over 50% of spend. Even pros fall victim with Display. We'll show you.

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ClicksInContext have made a massive difference to Tisski, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anybody.

Anna Assassa, Tisski, A Microsoft Gold Partner