Website Review – Key Points

Essentials only, not a full conversion-review:

  • There are no reverse-IP business lookups on the website, that we can tell from the coding anyway.
  • No green padlock – i.e. no secure connection to your site. This now leads to warnings to visitors (see here).
  • Very low score on Page Insights (speed & technical score) – 49/100 – see report here.

Mobile rendering is fine, the site looks good and has video content.


B2B Digital Tactics That Work

We will talk this through with you – this is how B2B Digital Marketing, done correctly, turns into leads:

B2B Digital Marketing Flow

For a PDF of this download click here.


Pay Per Click Recommendations

Search Basics

Search Ads are powerful because there is undeniable intent from the searcher.
They are proactively seeking your services already, there is less persuasion to be done – the right search setup often results in immediate leads.
It also feeds great data into your Sales Team, who get data on the search term as well as which business it was!

For you, an example:

    • User searches: “corporate team building company”
    • They see this:

 Example Ad - AIGT

Some will enquire immediately, those who don’t – with a business lookup, you now know that this business has intent right now for team building, and has shown interest in you. Go close it.


Display (Banners & Videos) Basics

Display Advertising is all about the right message to the right audience.

That message can be delivered in an image banner or a video format.

These channels work, because the level of targeting is incredible – they have scary amounts of data on us all!

  • Google Display Network
    Millions of website us Google AdSense to show ads on their site. The network also includes YouTube and Gmail.

Your ads could look like this…

Standard Ads

Standard Ad IIStandard Ad I

On YouTube


On Gmail

Gmail ad

  • Facebook Messenger Ads
    It is a myth that Facebook is not a good place for B2B advertising. It is a golden place for it – there are millions of business groups, incredible business targeting (e.g. Job Titles: Sales Director) and once you have connected, you can engage on or off Facebook.

Facebook Lead Gen ads are also valuable for B2B when aiming for Email Capture and automated sequences.

Example Messenger Ad

These bots take a few hours to build, and a lot of testing – so this is just an example of one of our own, which worked at collecting prospective Marketing Director level email collection at £4.43 per user

The advert:

example messenger ad

The chatbot:

You need to be logged into Facebook, then click this link to see what happens upon the user clicking “send message” in the ad.

  • LinkedIn
    It’s an obvious choice for B2B, but it is very expensive. Whereas Display clicks can be 50p on Facebook, the standard is £3-6 on LinkedIn – for a reason: you can dig very deep into the details (e.g. years in current role) and perfect a very appealing message to that audience.

The targeting options are fantastic for B2B, you’ll see more of that in the next section. The ads look very much like the Google Ads above, and these formats are available:

Sponsored Content Ad Dynamic Ad Text Ad Sponsored InMail

We advise using all four in tandem, but only once you have a message that works (as tested on cheaper sources first).

There are 3 possible destinations for ad clicks:

  1. To your website
  2. To a native LinkedIn Lead Gen Form (created by us, for email & company name capture)
  3. To your LinkedIn Page


Audiences – Targeting the right people with your ads

Search speaks for itself, you will capture people actively seeking your service.

For Display, the right message is of no use if it is reaching the wrong people. This is where we can be thankful for Facebook, Google and LinkedIn’s disregard for everyone’s privacy. They know a lot about us, and all advertisers to use it.

Remember, financials vary. The Google Display targeting is broadest but cheapest… so when paying by click (i.e. interested people), it can and does back out financially.

We have done some research on potential audiences for you, around: Senior Level Manager/Directors + musical instrument interest. Here is what we found, in “interesting” order…

LinkedIn – 29,000 UK Prospects

Linkedin = the most expensive clicks, for the most detailed B2B targeting possible. Ballpark £4 per click.

linkedin targeting

Note that there are more ways to drill down a LinkedIn audience, here are all the options – the more niche the message, the better:

LinkedIn All Targeting Options


Facebook  – 1.7m UK Prospects

Facebook = cheaper, but not the cheapest, for very good targeting options. Ballpark £1 per click.

facebook targeting


Google Display – Approx. 180m *impressions* (only data given, divide by 20 for a guess at people)

Google Display = the cheapest, sometimes great targeting but not for you – a wider net here. Ballpark £0.20 per click.

Affinities are ‘type of person’ tags. The best we could find for this:

google affinities

In-Market, is the kind of thing they have been searching for recently:

google in-market audience

So there is nothing directly about musical instruments or senior business professionals.

HOWEVER, when paying per click, so long as you have a very clear message (SENIOR managers, make team building fun with MUSIC) – it can back out.


Final PPC Thing – Retargeting

Once you have had visitors, who you know are the right audience, anywhere between 1-20% will convert (to get details, email optin, checkout, whatever).

That leaves 90% plus who will just click away, not necessarily because they weren’t interested in the slightest, and they will never see you again.

Unless you set up intelligent re-targeting, that is. You can read our extra details about it here.

It’s complex to set up, but you can get to great levels of detail by engagement on the page e.g. those who watched the video, those who downloaded a PDF etc…

Decisions on larger-ticket items usually don’t happen overnight, you need to be there when they are ready to buy.

Here is how we approach it:

retargeting flow


SEO Review

We have run a full technical SEO audit for your website, and the results are here.

We also ran an audit of general SEO and tracking necessities for successful SEO, and those results are here.

Our guide on the value of professional pixel installations can be found here.


Tracking & Analytics

We consider a proper tracking setup mandatory for Digital Marketing.

Google Analytics in itself is not very useful, it needs engagement & conversion events added by tracking experts.

Then you have measurable website results and not just #sessions, time on page, bounce rate – the vaguely interesting but not very useful info!

You can read (and see!) more about that here.